Fun and Interesting Things about Panama

For those who are looking into buying real estate as an investment or are looking for a nice place to retire, I believe this article may be of interest and helpful.

Panama is a small country with the advantages of also a small population, greatly diversified, which lives in harmony. Because of this diversity, Panama’s Capital, Panama City, is very cosmopolitan, offering excellent hotels, gourmet food, historical and ecological places of interest and entertaining night life, which are available to all pocket books and stiles of life.

 Panama´s history of course starts in the prehistoric era, when the Isthmus of Panama emerged from the oceans and united the North and South American continents.

This transformation is explained very well in the Museum of Biodiversity designed by the famous architect, Frank Gerring and located in the cause way entrance to the Panama Canal.

As time passed on, Panama was settled by people from both continents. The settlements were small and some have lasted to the present.

Fortunately the Panamanian government has respected the customs of the original inhabitants, passing laws to protect the areas where they live and giving them a great degree of self-determination.

When the Spanish conquest and colonization of the Americas started with the first voyage of Admiral Christopher Columbus, Panamá had a very small population of many small tribes.

In his forth voyage Columbus explored the Central American Atlantic coast, from Nicaragua to Panama, were he discovered, what is today the Province of Bocas del Toro, with its beautiful beaches which, are the delight of tourists from all over the world. On November 2, 1502 Columbus finally arrived at a precious bay in the Present Province of Colón; He named it Portobello.

Columbus was looking for a maritime passage to India and tried to cross the isthmus on foot approximately at the location where the Panama Canal was built. Unfortunately, he turned back before reaching the largest ocean in the world, the Pacific Ocean, leaving that owner to Vasco Nuñez de Balboa who named it the South Sea.

In the hope that this brief introduction to the history of Panama has been enjoyable and of interest, we will continue it in our next presentation.

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